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Wednesday 5 December 2018

10 Year Anniversary- Clothing Recolours

I’ve been creating for Sims 2 for 10 years (and one month)! To mark the occasion, I decided to get off my lazy bum, and finish up and share a bunch of things I’ve had in progress/done for ages. I am also sitting at 239 followers- maybe some goodies will bump that up to 250?

Part 2 of my 10th anniversary gifts is a mega dump of Clothing Recolours!
-2 God Limping By Top Dresses, Sirah (CF-AF) and Shiloh (CF-EF) in colours other than GLB’s original greys;

- God Limping By Esther Bloomers (CF-AF) with Block feet and boots in cream/off White to go with the top dresses;

-CU cardigans in Blue, Black, Red, and Green;

-Amaryll Tuula Skirts for TF in Blue, Black, Red, Green and Grey;

-3to2 Buiogornio Attire with boots (yosif outfit) for CM-AM by God Limping By in the original texture (rented space)

-Skell lumberjack textures on separated tops for CU-AM/EM:

-CF Shawl dress by God Limping By with Skell’s Textures:

-female Toddler PJs/Everyday by cocomama in blue, purple and cream plus original pink added as pjs

-female Toddler apron dresses and sailor coats by cocomama in other sailor dress colours (blue/light blue/pink (original set is here: http://modthesims.info/d/282814 )

Not everything is pictured here, but there are pictures in the folders in the RAR- the recolours for each mesh are in separate folders, and all meshes are included.

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