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-Let me know what you do with my stuff! I like to know:)

Wednesday 27 September 2017

3to2 Game Consoles

After seeing a request at GOS, I tried my hand at converting these, as the only other custom consoles available all seem to be real life ones- Nintendo, PlayStation, Xbox etc. So, here are four TS3 Consoles converted to TS2, each available in black, grey and white:


The consoles aren’t recolourable, so the three colours of each one are stand alone objects, meaning there are actually 12 new game consoles here. All consoles use the same black controllers; these override the blue Maxis controller, so I’ve included a black recolour of the Maxis Console to match. (Also, I only just noticed that one of the consoles is sideways in the picture- don't worry, they all face the same way in game.)

Thanks to Srsly Sims, who converted them for TS4- It is easier to convert objects from TS4 than TS3, plus I don’t own ‘High End Loft Stuff’ which two of the consoles are from.

Also, a big thank you to Shastakiss, for finding a fix for the Material Definition (TXMT) to remove the green hue from these!

Jonsei Blankets

Here are some maxis-matchy recolours of the popular Jonsei Bed Blanket, using textures from:

-TS2 bedding, carpets, an Ikea rug and the Freetime wall quilt.

-TS3 Patterns (Thanks to the wonderful person who extracted them, I can’t remember who you are!)

- Custom beddings by a number of creators including Shastakiss and Chimerical, plus others that I’m sure of- I raided my custom bedding folder!

Swatches of all the patterns/colours:


The above swatches are included in the download, so you can easily pick and choose what to keep. I have also included the meshes (double bed and slaved single bed) for convenience.

Tuesday 26 September 2017

GOS CIJ 2017

I’m adding this here as I like to keep all my downloads in one place:)

For Christmas in July I created for ClericalRodent, who had a great list, I had so many ideas of what to make, but I eventually decided on some extracted and converted clutter, 2 lots and, as a bonus, a mod.

The lots are a school:

And a set of shops:

More pictures and lists of included objects can be found in the RAR folder. A few objects refused to package; these are included in the folder marked Objects for Lots. Some of the clutter below is used in the lots. The School is a 3x3 lot and the shops are on a 3x2 lot. Both are community lots made with all Eps and Sps.

The clutter includes food, grocery and bathroom items extracted from TS2. Some are recolours of the same meshes. These are found in Deco -> Misc.:


Several Nintendo items for your gamers, which are extracted meshes from the 3DS system which I found online. These are also found in Deco -> Misc.:


And 16 fossils, bones and a dinosaur extracted from TS4. The fossils are 4 different meshes, each with four textures. These are found in Deco -> Misc. as well:

NOTE: I have been unable to get into the SimPe website to get GUIDs, so all the objects in this post have randomly generated GUIDs. They do not seem to be conflicting with anything in my game, however if you have any issues, just try changing the GUID (however doing so will break any recolours, so these will have to be remade). If you need any help with this, just message me.

And lastly, the bonus mod I mentioned. I used Mod Ur Dig by HugeLunatic (Found Here: http://modthesims.info/d/531434 ) and made it so your sims can dig up the Dinosaur Fossils, as well as several other Fossils, Bones and Skeletons I had in my game. These are: TS3 dinosaur footprint by me, small dinosaur skeleton by Amovitam, and a dragon tooth, random bone, bone chew toy, and two animal skeletons from TSM, converted by VampireKiss6661 at the Plumb bob keep. I have included these in the folder with the Mod Ur Dig file for convenience. I also made it so your sims will not ever hit those annoying water pipes when they dig!

Finally, Download! https://app.box.com/s/br5nhm0i7lttati19c0in6gxwngezlg2