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Tuesday 2 September 2014

Diagon Alley shop fronts

For Garden of Shadows monthly theme, I've recoloured Shakeshaft's Victorian store front for Shops in  Diagon Alley and Hogsmeade in Harry Potter!

Here are the signs:

And everything comes in these colours: (Plus two shades of green which I seem to have forgotten)
I used the repositoried version of the meshes by by Faechangling, Meshes are Included. the recolours are based on textures by yandereplum.

Sim File Share: http://simfileshare.net/download/8370/
Box: https://app.box.com/s/np88eh5tp105vvp1cd5h

Wicked: witch dolls and simlish wicked posters

My contribution for Garden of Shadows' monthly theme includes Simlish Wicked posters and Some cute dolls, including an Elphaba Doll!

The Posters: There are three posters on both The Lady on Red (Basegame), and Surfing the Universe (University, I think).

Credits: The Elphaba and Glinda sims are by Ghanima Atreides. I changed Elphie's skin to a lighter one made by me. Their dresses are by Serabihm, Dgandy and Hysterical Paroxsym. The frames add-on frames for The Lady on Red are by CuriousB.
The Dolls: I took the TSM Rag Doll converted by Fractured Moonlight, and added the Maxis witch hat. There are 7 colours including the mesh, with one being a green skinned Elphaba texture. There are 10 hat textures, 3 maxis textures, and 6 textures by Yandereplum. That hat and doll textures can be mixed and matched. requires OFB (It's cloned from the Franky Bear), Found in Misc-> Children, for $150.

While I was at it, I made both the rag doll and Princess Doll  converted by Fractured Moonlight recolourable. There are 6 rag doll recolours and 4 princess doll recolours. Found in Misc-> Children, $150 each.

Download Everything:
Sim File Share: http://www.simfileshare.net/filedetails/8415/
Box: https://app.box.com/s/sl8j7xlyyi2m6nxnvtx9