This is where I display my Sims 2 creations and offer them for download!

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-You can recolour and include my meshes with your recolour, but please credit and link back here.
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-You may include my Items in lots, just credit me and link back here.
-Let me know what you do with my stuff! I like to know:)

Monday 21 October 2019

Magic Rugs

I bring you rugs! Round rugs from TS4 Realm of Magic, and Flower-like ruges from TS3 Midnight Hollow! (textures thanks to TheJim07 at MTS.)

It is a new mesh, with 12 TS4 round rugs (including one as the mesh itself) and 14 TS3 flower rugs. it’s found under deco/rugs, obviously.

Download: https://simfileshare.net/download/1421820/

School Stuff

I had these items waiting to be uploaded, and realised they sort of fit a school theme, so I put them together! Here we have:

- Veranka’s whiteboard recoloured with doodles from TS3 (you might recall my WCIF about this), Veranka’s mesh is included, the wall add on is by 2FingersWhiskey.
- HCove’s TS3 Byron desk recoloured with woods by Shasta, again mesh is included.
- An end table and globe converted from TS3 with textures by TheJim07 at MTS, The globe is in Deco/Misc and the table is in End Tables.
- And, lastly, a TS4 backpack by Ellemant and Weoaty, found in Deco/Misc.

Download: https://simfileshare.net/download/1420593/

TS4 Realm of Magic Conversions

Realm of Magic Conversions! You get everything you see above, and many items have recolours. The three horizontal brooms are all one object, while the vertical brooms are separate objects each. The brooms and pictures are in wall deco. Most other items are in misc deco, except the bookshelf (Hobbies/Knowledge) the cabinets (Surfaces/Shelves) and the floating crystal with the stand, which is a lamp!

Download: https://simfileshare.net/download/1420594/