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Monday 29 August 2016

Deco Book add ons

Also Posted at GOS for the August 2016 theme, Ladies' night is cancelled (content other than AF)

I learnt something new! I present my very first slaved objects! Back in 2014, I made a deco book using the maxis book mesh and slapped heaps of textures on it. I have now created 4 new meshes, an open book and 3 different book piles, slaved them to the original closed book, and added some 70 new textures! I have also taken Aikea Guinea’s slightly smaller single book, and Fantasy Rouge’s bookstand version (http://fantasyrogue.livejournal.com/37036.html), and slaved these to my books as well.

The 70 new textures include all 30 textures from Aikea and Fantasy Rouge’s books, 10 Victorian book textures made by Budgie2Budgie for TS4, 28 TS3 and TSM textures, 1 Henry Pufter cover made from the TS4 poster (Harry Potter reference :D), and 1 cover from Treeags Book of Talent (http://www.modthesims.info/download.php?t=293562).

I suggest you also download the 128 textures from the original upload: http://decatsims2.blogspot.com.au/2014/07/deco-book-with-128-ts2-ts3-and-tsm.html

All books are found in Deco -> Misc, for $60 each. Aikea and Fantasy Rouges meshes have new GUIDs and ‘slave’ added to the end of the name, so you should be able to have these and the originals in the game at the same time.

I have also included my original mesh that I have used as the master. The closed book mesh is the same as the original, the only difference being the one from this post has the description changed to mention that it is now the master mesh, but they have the same name and GUID, so it doesn’t actually matter witch one you use.

I also did four recolours of CrispsandKerosene’s joke book using textures that are included with the slaved books. You get a TS2 kids book, a TS3 charisma skill book, a medieval book from TSM, and a Victorian book with a texture by Fantasy Rogue. C&Ks mesh isn’t included, get it from earlier in this thread.

Lastly, I also stuck 3 TS4 book related posters on to maxis meshes; these are found in Deco -> Wall, Henry Pufter and the reading monster are on the Civic Idol mesh, and the growing books are on Surfing the Universe.

Finally, Download:
Sim File Share: http://simfileshare.net/download/110810/

Tumblr 100 followers gift: Collection Icons

Thought I might as well put this here too:

I’ve reached 100 followers on Tumblr, so I decided a followers gift was in order… and I thought of something that I made for myself ages ago but have never shared: Custom Collection Icons!
There are 75 assorted Icons, including medieval and fantasy ones, as well as more general ones. The are made from icons and images from TS2, TS3 and TSM. To use these, put them in My Documents -> EA Games -> The Sims 2 -> Collections -> Icons.

Sim File Share: http://simfileshare.net/download/110815/
Box: https://app.box.com/s/w9uu09cjj6ygnwpinbftjfmnp1bgrpb9

GOS Spooky Dip Gift: Kids clothes

This is what I made for GOS' Spooky Dip event last year:

I've been learning bodyshop meshing, so I bring you two sets of clothes for kids.

The first set is swim shorts with ducky rings for CF and CM on a new mesh, plus swim shorts without ducky rings for CF on the Maxis CM mesh.
These are all set as swimwear (obviously).

The second set is three seperates for CF, two tops and two skirts, all with new meshes by me: A vintage blouse based on a Fakepeeps dress, a butterfly top separated from an outfit by Yandreplum, and a skirt with knee socks separated from the jumper dress converted from Sims 3 by Dark Moon.

All are set for everyday, the vintage blouse and skirt are also available for formal, when planning your sim's clothes with a dresser in game.

None of the clothes have fat morphs- I'm still learning, sorry!
All meshes are included, along with previews and swatches.

Sim File Share: http://simfileshare.net/download/111251/
Box: https://app.box.com/s/6b3ut6g7j3v32ru0k54o7oxtzhrg8zvf

GOS secret santa 2015

This the gift I created for Quest For Sims for Secret Santa 2015 on Garden of Shadows.

10 Blackboard recolours using doodles from Sims 3, on a mesh by Lin. Mesh and blank recolour by Lin included. The blackboard is in Deco-> Misc.

36 Clutter objects using TS2 and TS3 meshes, all in Deco -> Misc. Some items have recolours, particularly the record, video game, and comic book.

Two functional objects based on TS3 meshes:
A trampoline cloned from a double bed (with all interactions other jump removed). Can only be used by Child Sims- as I think they are the only ones that can jump on beds.
And a Sprinkler, cloned from the Water Wiggler (requires OFB).

And, last but not least, various posters and pictures and TS2, TS3, and TS4 on 4 Maxis Meshes: Surfing the Universe (Uni), TravelKeeper Poster (BV), Bella Squared (Base Game) and U R Here (Uni, I think?).

In the RAR download, the posters are sorted into four subfolders: Square (Bella Squared mesh), Vertical (Travel Poster), Vertical Tall (Surfing the Universe) and Horizontal (U R Here). There are different pictures on each mesh. Add ons for these meshes are available from CuriousB (https://curiousb.dreamwidth.org/21237.html), Ndainye (http://ndainye.tumblr.com/post/97209962834/its-been-so-long-since-i-uploaded-anything-im), and Hokadk47 (http://sims2artists.com/index.php?topic=2451.0)

Download Everything:
Sim File Share: http://simfileshare.net/download/38939/

GOS requests: Quidditch set and witch hat clutter

These Items were made as requests on Garden of Shadows in June 2014.

A Quidditch trunk and Nimbus 2000 broom, The trunk and broom are two separate objects, both found in Deco -> Misc.
Box: https://app.box.com/s/1ruoeu1gxyitalf65yxx

Also the Sims 3 Supernatural witch hat as clutter. Found in Deco-> Misc.

Box: https://app.box.com/s/fvs74tkqqf0uvfcih1bj

Sunday 28 August 2016

GOS Unfinished Business: TSM walls and floors, TS4 conversions

I posted this on GOS in Janurary; I have no idea why I didn't post it here...

Last year, I extracted pretty much all the walls and floors from TSM, as well converted some things from TS4, but never got around to sharing them- So I've finally got off my backside and taken some previews!

96 TSM Walls- there are 2-4 walls of each design, which combine to make a seamless pattern. They should all be in categories that make sense- Stone in Stone, Wood in Wood, Tiles in Tiles, etc.
Download TSM Walls:
Sim File Share: http://simfileshare.net/download/46617/

63 TSM floors- They should all be in categories that make sense- Stone in Stone, Wood in Wood, Tiles in Tiles, etc.
Download TSM floors:
Sim File Share: http://simfileshare.net/download/46616/

TS4 conversions: Bookcases + PlasticBox's add-ons, 2 desks, portrait painting, globe, old books, and trunk coffee table. I didn't do the original Goth and Caress bookcases because they had already been done.

Book cases are in Hobbies -> Knowledge, Desks are in surfaces -> desks, trunk table is in surfaces -> coffee tables, portrait is in deco -> wall, and globe and old books are in deco -> misc. Includes all of the original colors for each object.

Download TS4 conversions:
Sim File Share: http://simfileshare.net/download/46618/