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Thursday 27 June 2013

TSM Conversions

***Update*** The shadows on the Scribe Tables have been fixed. Please re-download!

I've made a bunch of TSM conversions:

Deco Archives and Arcane Tomes- in Deco -> Sculptures, requires OFB.

Functional Arcive- Made up of 3 seperate meshes, Scribe table, deco peices, and book shelf.
Place the peices together using placement cheats. The Scribe table acts as a drafting table, and the bookshelf is functional. Requires FT for the Scribe Table.
Archive Scribe Table- Hobbies -> Creativity
Archive Scribe Table Deco- Hobbies -> Creativity
Archive Bookshelf - Hobbies -> Knowlege

Bar- I forget what bar I cloned this off, so I'm not sure if it Requires an EP. found in Misc -> Party.

Scribe Tables- cloned from Sunni's scribe table, which functions as a drafting table. When a sim is using the table, the picture doesn't quite sit against the surface, but it's hopefully not to noticable. Found in Hobbies -> Creativity, requires FT.

Deco Market Stalls- in Deco -> Sculptures, requires OFB.
Empty Market Stalls- cloned from a three tile table, so the front counter has three slots, to put things on. you can even put a cash register on there using a counter OMSP (like this one: http://www.modthesims.info/d/329446). found in Surfaces -> Misc., requires Uni.

Tents- functional, cloned from the Maxis tent, found in Comfort -> Misc., requires BV.

Download All:
Sim File Share: http://simfileshare.net/download/8413/
Box: https://www.box.com/s/225tt08sln6uj4n9sj0f