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Friday 3 May 2013

TS3 toys made playable + extras

Is playable even a word? Anyway, when I saw Almighty Hat's buyable toybox toys (http://hat-plays-sims.dreamwidth.org/38197.html?thread=844597), I HAD to do that to the TS3 toys.
So, thanks to Almighty Hat for allowing the cloning of her toys, I give you lots of toys!

You get the 12 TS3 toys I converted, plus 5 more from meshes converted by Delonariel.
(I haven't been able to find Delonariel's policy or get a response from them, so hopefully this is okay- if not I'll remove them).

Toys are:
Basegame rabbit
Ambitions crafted cow, dog, robot and whale
A freezer bunny and a tank (not sure which EP they're from)
TS3 store shark, truck, frankenbear,m tiger, and rabbit
and the Supernatural 'claw' machine toys, converted by Delonariel,
a dragon, sheep, nessie, alligator and yeti.

...And then I made 5 TS2 meshes into toys, and the TSM carved horse, because it wasn't in Almighty Hat's set (her set has a different horse). Four of the TS2 toys have recolours as shown below:

These toys are found in the catalogue under Misc-> Kids, for $11, and kids will play with them like the toys that come out of the toybox. However, there is one issue: if you use these on a lot with a toybox, sims may put them in the toybox, where they disappear never to be seen again- so use with toyboxes at your own risk!

also, a few of the meshes are a vertical shape, and don't work so well as horizontal toys. I turned them on their side, but they still look awkward- but you can have them anyway, just delete them if you don't want them.

In trying to figure what do with them, though, I found that the Freezer Bunny and Franken Bear work well as Sir Bicks-o-Lot clones, so I've included "brick" versions of those as well:

The "brick" toys require OFB, everything else should be base game compatible, since they're cloned Almighty Hat's which are.

Almighty Hat, for making the toy box toys buyable in the first place,
HugeLunatic and Gwenke for helping Almighty Hat,
and Delonariel for extracting the Supernatural claw toys.

and finally:


  1. So lovely! Thank you so much!

  2. Thank you! This is great and needs more attention, I will highlight it in my journal! :D


  3. Thanks for these! Just wondering though, since Hat had said the Put Away Toys issue was fixed on hers, is that still an issue with your toys after all? I was reading through the comments there, and it seemed like Hat was unable to tell... Still, very cool!

    1. Well, I cloned them off hat's fixed vrsion, but they still get put in the toybox, so I'm not sure what's happening there.

  4. Franken bear, Freezer bunny & robot seem to be missing from the download

  5. I have updated the Download, so the missing toys should be there now!

  6. Thank you so much!


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